Ramazan Sehr o Iftar Timing 2023 Karachi City

calendar Karachi sehri iftari 2015Ramazan Ul Mubarak has started today. 1st Ramazan ul mubarak (roza) on 03rd April 2023. Here you will find sehri o iftari timing city Punjab Karachi. Get complete detail for whole month. 

Download online calendar Ramazan ul mubarak sehri and iftari Karachi city 2023 from 03 April to 02th May 2023. Sehri Iftari timing Karachi Sindh 2023.

Karachi Ramadan Calendar 2023

RamzanSehri TimeAftar Time
15:17 AM6:44 PM
25:16 AM6:45 PM
35:15 AM6:45 PM
45:14 AM6:46 PM
55:13 AM6:46 PM
65:11 AM6:47 PM
75:10 AM6:47 PM
85:09 AM6:48 PM
95:08 AM6:48 PM
105:07 AM6:48 PM
115:06 AM6:49 PM
125:05 AM6:49 PM
135:04 AM6:50 PM
145:02 AM6:50 PM
155:01 AM6:51 PM
165:00 AM6:51 PM
174:59 AM6:51 PM
184:58 AM6:52 PM
194:57 AM6:52 PM
204:56 AM6:53 PM
214:55 AM6:53 PM
224:54 AM6:54 PM
234:52 AM6:54 PM
244:51 AM6:54 PM
254:50 AM6:55 PM
264:49 AM6:55 PM
274:48 AM6:56 PM
284:47 AM6:56 PM
294:46 AM6:57 PM
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