Ramazan Karim Sehri o Iftari Calendar Lahore Timing 2023

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Islamic News: Ramazan / Ramadhan Karim 2023 (1444) is coming after a month. Ramadhan Karim is coming with the blessing of Allah. According to Islamic calendar 1st of Ramadhan karim will be on 24 March 2023. Muslims pray to Allah for forgiveness. They do fasts and remain without eating from Fajar to Maghrib. They also recite Holy Quran and say their prayers five times a day regularly. At the time of Iftar whole family gather and eat meal & thanks to Allah for this opportunity.

At the time of Esha Muslims do taravih to perform next fasts (Roza). Here you will find sehr o iftar timing for Lahore city Ramadhan Karim . Ramadhan calendar has been issued and you can get information about Lahore city sehr o Iftar timing online. Get online updates about sehri and iftari timing Lahore city and all around this city.

Ramadhan Karim Sehr o Iftar Timing Lahore

All Major Cities of Pakistan celebrates the Ramadan Happiness on the Moon Night of the Starting in Ramadan. And then All cities will be Participate the Opening Day (Iftari). And Mostly People Invite their Relatives on the Opening Day (Iftari) And Many people arrange the Day Opening in the Masjid (Mosque) for the Poor Peoples.

To retain the respect of Ramadan all food stalls and Restaurants are close till Iftari. Nobody is allowed to eat food as freely as one usually in the ordinary month of Islam other than Ramadan. Most people look busy Busy collecting eatable things after Midday So that they can arrange as enriched Iftar as they can.

People Specifically Muslims Prefer to cook at home and make this moment more rememberable. All days and Nights scheduled changed in this Month of Holly Ramadan. Offices Schools Universities Timings also changed accordingly.

Lahore Ramadan Calendar 2023

Ramzan Sehri Time Aftar Time
1 4:42 AM 6:16 PM
2 4:40 AM 6:17 PM
3 4:39 AM 6:17 PM
4 4:38 AM 6:18 PM
5 4:36 AM 6:19 PM
6 4:35 AM 6:19 PM
7 4:33 AM 6:20 PM
8 4:32 AM 6:21 PM
9 4:31 AM 6:21 PM
10 4:29 AM 6:22 PM
11 4:28 AM 6:23 PM
12 4:27 AM 6:23 PM
13 4:25 AM 6:24 PM
14 4:24 AM 6:25 PM
15 4:22 AM 6:25 PM
16 4:21 AM 6:26 PM
17 4:20 AM 6:27 PM
18 4:18 AM 6:27 PM
19 4:17 AM 6:28 PM
20 4:15 AM 6:29 PM
21 4:14 AM 6:29 PM
22 4:13 AM 6:30 PM
23 4:11 AM 6:31 PM
24 4:10 AM 6:31 PM
25 4:08 AM 6:32 PM
26 4:07 AM 6:33 PM
27 4:06 AM 6:33 PM
28 4:04 AM 6:34 PM
29 4:03 AM 6:35 PM

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