Complete FIA sugar Inquiry report in pdf

fia inquiry report

On Saturday, Prime Minister of Pakistan has completed his promise to the public of Pakistan that he will show off the FIA sugar and wheat inquiry report for the general public. He also promised that he will point out the black sheep who earned profit by making temporary crises of wheat and shugar in Pakistan. The Prime Minister of Pakistan constituted two inquiry committees under the chairmanship of Mr. Wajid Zia (Director General of FIA) to probe the matter of Sugar and Wheat/Flour controversy 2,3 months ago. The FIA Sugar Flour/Wheat report has been made public.

Who are the main persons for sugar wheat crises

The reports revealed that the PTI Jahangeer Tareen, Khusro Bakhtyar’s Brother, Monas Elahi have been the biggest beneficiaries of Shugar and flour crises. On the other hand, there are more people who earned maximum profit due to sugar crises in Pakistan as the names of responsible for sugar crises are PML (N), and Sugar Mills of Omni Groups are responsible for the shortage of sugar in Pakistan. The Sugar Inquiry Reports have been made public on the directions of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Members of the Sugar Inquiry Committee

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran khan constituted the Inquiry Committee to find the responsible persons for sugar crises and also nominate the big hoarders (Zakheera Andoz) of sugar in Pakistan. The Sugar inquiry committee was constituted on dated 20-02-2020 as’

Director General FIA                                                          Convener

A representative of IB (not below the grade 20/21)            Member

Director-General Anti Corruption (Punjab)                       Member

 Any Other Member (nominated by the convener)

Main Points of Sugar Inquiry report

The Inquiry Committee for Sugar crises has inquired the following main points against the sugar mafia to find out the reason for shortage and high prices of sugar and wheat/flour in Pakistan as;

  • Analyzed the production of sugar compared to previous years
  • Minimum purchase price of sugarcane
  • How much costly sugar mills purchased the sugarcane
  • Why mills stopped purchasing sugar can
  • Hoarding and wholesale price of sugar
  • Export quantity of sugar
  • Role of various stakeholders including government agencies and private sectors in increasing of price of sugar. The measures to control the price of sugar.

Total Numbers of Sugar Mills in Pakistan

The total number of sugar mills in Pakistan are as

  • JDW Group                                                         6 Mills
  • RYK Group                                                          5 Mills
  • Al-Moiz Group                                                   5 Mills
  • Tandlianwala Group                                           3 Mills
  • Omni Group                                                       10 Mills
  • Sharif Family Mills                                              9 Mills
  • All Others mills                                                   51 Mills
  • Total Sugar Mills in Pakistan                              89 Mills

The inquiry report has been submitted in the Prime Minister Office while the action will be taken against the culprits who are responsible for the sugar crises in Pakistan. Imran Khan said that no will be allowed to earn illegal profit and action will be taken against the nominated sugar mills owners after the forensic agency reports.

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