Notification of Revised Utility allowance of District Judiciary Punjab

Government of Punjab, Finance Department has approved the revision of utility allowance District Judiciary in Punjab. Notification of Revised Utility Allownce Lahore Highcourt and Session Courts Staff has  been uploaded here successfully. Lahore high court approved new utility allowance district judiciary staff in Punjab. Chief Minister Punjab Approved New Revised Utility allowance for High court and District and Session Courts Staff.

Revised Utility Allowance Rates District Judiciary Punjab

New Utility Allownce Rate for BPS-01 to BPS-06 is 6000. New Utility Allowance Rate for BPS-07 to BPS-08 is 6000 and existing rate was 4000 rupees. Revised Utility Allowance Rates for District Judiciary for BPS-09 to BPS-14 is rupees 8000. BPS-15 Utility Allowance Rate is 10000. New Utility Allowance District Judiciary BPS-16 is 14000. Similarly for BS-17 and onward Officers Utility Allowance Session Courts Staff in Punjab is 15000, 20000, 25000 and 30000 respectively.

judiciar staff punjab utility allownce

The Revised Utility Allowance were approved via Government of Punjab, Finance Department Letter No.FD.SR-IV/3-1/2019 on dated 30th July, 2020. Latest Utility Allownce Rates for Lahore High Court Staff will be applicable from 01-07-2020.

Revised Utility Allowance  Rates Chart

Sr# BPS Current/ Existing Utility Allowance Rate New Revised Utility Allowance Rates
1 BPS-01 to BPS-06 3000 Rs 6000 Rs
2 BPS-07 to BPS-08 4000 Rs 6000 Rs
3 BPS-09 to BPS-14 4000 Rs 8000 Rs
4 BPS-15 4000 Rs 10000 Rs
5 BPS-16 4000 Rs 14000 Rs
6 BPS-17 5000 Rs 15000 Rs
7 BPS-18 5000 Rs 20000 Rs
8 BPS-19 8000 Rs 25000 Rs
9 BPS-20 & Above 8000 Rs 30000 Rs

Congratulations from team to all Officers/ Officials Working in Lahore Highcourt, Session Courts and Civil Courts of the Punjab. you can download notification of revised utility allowance judiciary staff punjab.

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