Easy Way to Make Chicken Manchurian at Home

Make Chicken Manchurian At HomeComponents

1              Kg chicken (cut into medium length pieces)

2              tbsp. ginger garlic chopped finely green chilies finely chopped

1 cup spring onion, chopped red chili powder 1 tsp. or as per taste sugar

1 tsp. soya sauce 1 tbsp. heaped tomato ketchup 1 tsp. red chili sauce

3              tbsp. heaped corn flour red color a pinch salt as per required

1- V/s cup chicken stock or water (as per the consistency of gravy you want)

How to Make Chicken Manchurian.

  1. First wash the chicken pieces thoroughly and let it dry on an absorbent paper.
  2. In a bowl add chicken pieces, 2 tbsp corn flour and sugar and little salt.
  3. Let it marinade for 1 to 2 hours, deep fry the chicken pieces.
  4. In a wok, heat a little oil and add ginger garlic and green chilies to it and fry for a minute.
  5. Now add half of the spring onions along with red chili powder and pinch of color.
  6. Add the fried chicken to it.
  7. Now add soya sauce tomato ketchup and red chili sauce in it. adjust the salt
  8. Mix all the ingredients very well.
  9. Now add the chicken stock or water
  10. Bring it to a boil.
  11. Now add the corn flour water mixture. Mix it well and let it simmer for few minutes.
  12. Trim it with remaining spring onions and serve hot.
  13. Tip- do not add too much of salt as all the Chinese sauces contain some amount of salt in it.

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