change Rs 25000 Prize Bond Convert to Premium Bond

The Government of Pakistan, Finance Division has issued a Notification of 25000 Prize Bond. The Rupees 25000 prize bond are discontinued and the 25000 prize bond converted into a 25000 Premium Prize bond. Many People in Pakistan were waiting for Official notification of the 25000 prize bond. State Bank Stopped Continue 25000 Prize Bond Draw from 2021 to onward. All the Customers shall be compensated for the 25000 Prize Bond. The Government of Pakistan accepted another policy of FATF and discontinue the 25000 prize bond.

Benefits of Rs 25000 Premium Prize Bond

Upon Directions of the Finance Division, The State Bank of Pakistan has given Instructions to All 16 Field Branches of State Bank and 06 Commercial Banks to Facilitate the Customers of 25000 Prize Bond Holders.

  1. 25000 Prize Bond Can Be Converted into Special Saving Certificate or Defence Savings Certificate
  2. 25000 Prize Bond can be Converted into Premium Prize Bond
  3. 25000 Prize Bond Can Be Changed into Cash
  4. There Shall be 1.79% Bi-Annual Profit on 25000 Prize Bond
  5. Rs 447.50 Interest shall be deposited after every 06 Month into your Bank Account.
  6. 25000 Premium Prize Bond 1St Prize money is 03 Crore (02 Nos)
  7. 25000 Premium Prize Bond 2nd Prize Money is 01 Crore (05 Nos)
  8. 25000 Premium Prize Bond 3rd Prize Money is 03 Lac (700 Nos)
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How To Change 25000 Prize Bond Cash and Premium Prize Bond

If you have 25000 Prize Bond, then you simply have to visit any Branch of State Bank of Pakistan or commercial Bank listed below. There will be an Application Form for Conversion of 25000 Prize Bond into Premium Prize Bond. Application form for Change 25000 Bond into Saving Certificate shall also be provided by the Bank. There Shall be 04 Lucky Draw of 25000 Premium Prize Bond in a Year. The list of Commercial Banks in which you can Change 25000 Prize Bond is

  • National Bank of Pakistan
  • Habib Bank Limited
  • Allied Bank Limited
  • Muslim Commercial Bank Limited
  • United Bank Limited
  • Al-Falah Bank Limited
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