PTV Host and Actor Tariq Aziz Passed Away in 84


tariq aziz family picsThe Famous TV Compare and Host Tarique Aziz Pakistani Passed Away on 17th June, 2020. Tariq Aziz Show was the Famous PTV Program ever in the history of Pakistan Telivision. Pakistani anchor Tariq Aziz was the first Man who was on air since the start of PTV in November, 1964. Tariq Aziz Famous Dialogue was “Dekhti Ankhon or Sunte Kanon ko Mera Salam

Famous TV Program of Tariq Aziz Neelam Ghar

Legend Tariq Aziz worked a lot for PTV as he was the Hero of Pakistan Television. He started PTV Neelam Ghar then later on the Program Name changed to Tariq Aziz Show and in 2006 the Program of Tariq Aziz Show Changed to Bazme Tariq Aziz. Tariq Azizi was the famous Poet, Ex Member of National Assembly in 1997.

Dekhti Ankhon or Sunte Kanon ko Mera Salam

Personal Detail of Tariq Aziz Family Children and Biography

Legend Radio and TV Anchor Tariq Aziz Passed away on 17th June 2020 in Lahore. He had the pain in his throat since 2,3 days and was being taken to the hospital for necessary medical treatment but he died on the way and Tariq Azizi dead body was taken back to home.  There were no Children of Tariq Aziz Actor. Tariq Aziz Wife Name is Hajra Tariq Aziz.

  • Born: 1936
  • Birthplace: Tehsil Shahkot of District Jalandhar (India)
  • Father Name: Mian Abdul Aziz
  • Wife Name: Hajra Tariq Azizi
  • Children: Ziad Tariq (Passed away in his childhood)

tariq aziz wife pics

Property and Income detail of Tariq Aziz Pakistani Host

In his Wasiyat Nama of Tariq Aziz he declared that all the Property of Tariq Azeez shall gave to the Government of Pakistan. Income of Tariq Aziz PTV Anchor was very handsome. Though he was the famous TV Actor in Pakistan but, there was no unethical scandal was observed at the end of Tariq Aziz Pakistani Actor. The whole Pakistani nation Pay Tribute to Tariq Aziz. Many Political Leaders shared sorrows to the Family of Tariq Aziz

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