New Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2023

National Savings of Pakistan Has published Latest Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2023. You can check the Schedule of Prize Bond Draw 2023. Prize Bond Draws are Scheduled in different cities of Pakistan like Peshawar, Quetta, Lahore, Muzaffarabad, Multan, Hyderabad and Karachi on Scheduled date and time.Prize Bond Draw Result Schedule

Latest Prize Bond Schedule 2023

Prize Bond Result is Declared on Schedule date and time in different cities of Pakistan. However, if the scheduled day is gazetted holiday then the  Draw will be declared in the next working days. National Savings of Pakistan Organized Draw of Different  Denomination of Prize Bond like 200, 750, 1500, 25000, 40000 Premium and New Series Prize Bond Rs. 100.

New Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2023


Prize Bond Draw Table 2023 is uploaded as announced by the National Savings Of Pakistan. National Savings Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2023 is uploaded. Rs 25000 Prize Bond will not be Held in 2023. 25000 prize bond draws are scheduled in 2023 and 25000 prize bond lucky draw be held 04 time in 2023


Check Latest Prize bond draw Schedule 2023 State bank of Pakistan


Check 2023 Prize bond Schedule Draw list

Rs.750/- January 16, 2023 Monday Karachi
Rs.1500/- February 15, 2023 Wednesday Quetta
Rs.100/- February 15, 2023 Wednesday Rawalpindi
Rs.25000/- March 10, 2023 Friday Hyderabad
Rs.40000/- March 10, 2023 Friday Multan
Rs.200/- March 15, 2023 Wednesday Faisalabad
Rs.750/- April 17, 2023 Monday Peshawar
Rs.1500/- May 15, 2023 Monday Lahore
Rs.100/- May 15, 2023 Monday Multan
Rs.25000/- June 12, 2023 Monday Faisalabad
Rs.40000/- June 12, 2023 Monday Muzaffarabad
Rs.200/- June 15, 2023 Thursday Quetta
Rs.750/- July 17, 2023 Monday Rawalpindi
Rs.1500/- August 15, 2023 Tuesday Peshawar
Rs.100/- August 15, 2023 Tuesday Karachi
Rs.25000/- September 11, 2023 Monday Sialkot
Rs.40000/- September 11, 2023 Monday Quetta
Rs.200/- September 15, 2023 Friday Hyderabad
Rs.750/- October 16, 2023 Monday Muzaffarabad
Rs.1500/- November 15, 2023 Wednesday Faisalabad
Rs.100/- November 15, 2023 Wednesday Lahore
Rs.25000/- December 11, 2023 Monday Karachi
Rs.40000/- December 11, 2023 Monday Rawalpindi
Rs.200/- December 15, 2023 Friday Multan


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