1965 Battle 6 September Defence Day Special Poetry Quotes SMS

Natioanl Day 6 September imagesYoum E Difa 6th September 1965 is celebrated in Pakistan with great devotion. Every freedom demand a lot of sacrifices, forefathers had done a lot of work to get it a free country for the upcoming nation. But after getting freedom the whole work had not been completed because its protection is also equally important.

6th September Pakistan Defence Day is also known as Youm-e-Difa and here are the SMS, Quotes & Poetry for this national day of Pakistan. This day reminds us the brave soldiers who laid down there life to protect Pakistan in the Pakistan India War II.


This war was in the year 1965, in this war India attack Pakistan from Lahore Burki sector and no one can prove themselves as a prominent during the war but both countries loses many life’s. Every year this specific day starts with special prayers for the long living of Pakistan. Number of functions are arrange in the memory of this day; President also address inthe importance of this day in a special function.

Pray For All The Martydom Of 1965 War

Till Operation Raahe-Raast(Sawat)The Pakistan Army Done The Great Job We Love Our Army And Pakistan.

Pakistan Fouj Ko Salam.

Pakistan Zindabad.

Watan Hamra Misaal Mohabbat Ki,

Torta Hai Deewar Nafrat Ki,

Meri Khush Naseebi,

Mili Zindagi Is Chaman Mein,

Bhula Na Sake Koi Iski Khusboo Saton Janam Me,

Happy Independence Day

‘SarTa Ba Qadam Qurbani Hm Log Hn PakistaniJo Rah Me HaeL Hoga Gum Karda-e-SahiL HogaPanj Aab Ki Hai Tughya Hm Log Hn Pakistani

Lehrao Parcham Apna DikhLao Haqiqat Apni

Ab DiLMain Yehi HaiThani Hm Log Hn Pakistani

Hum To Mit Jain Gay Aae Arz-e-Watan,

Laikin Tumko

Zinda Rehna hai qayamat ki sehar honay tak,

Happy Defence Day 6 September

‘Lehron ko khamosh dekh kar yeh mat smjhna ke samandar me rawaani nahi he..

jb b uthen ge tufaan ban kar uthain ge abhi uthnay ki thaani nahi he.’

Ay Sayad-e-Abrar K DiLdar Sipahi ,Toheed-o-RisaLat K Paristar Sipahi .IsLam Ki Azmat K ALamdar Sipahi,

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Barbadi-e-America K TaLabgar Sipahi.

Utth ! Qom Ki Bigrhi Hoi Taqdeer Bana Dy,

Har Baccha-e-MusLim Ko Jhangeer Bana Dy.


■ Our Khaki Tigers hunt at front of enemy,

White Leopards are in blood freezing mountains,

Our Eagles measures the height of sky,

Our Sailors know where is depth of Black SeeTime Lead us and our mothers praying us, a

Proud that we are the sons of mother land

People called it defense a we called it life.


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