Youm-e- Pakistan 23 March Best Poetry, SMS , Songs 2023

Pakistan Day 23 March 2015 wallpapersThrough this page you can get 23 March Pakistan Resolution Day SMS, Poetry, Quotes 2023

so get this all interesting thing that is collected by different online sources, on 23rd of March 1940 A.K Fazlul Huq presented this resolution under the supervision of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah through this resolution the Muslim Nation are submitted their demand that is related to separate other Muslims country after British Raj.

One large public gathering was conducted on Lahore Minar-e-Pakistan and that day this resolution was passed in front of Public. After one yes this resolution is officially considered as Muslim League first constitution. Every year on 23rd of March Pakistan Government, Arms forces and Public is celebrated this day with different method.

On this day nation holiday is announced for Pakistani People because through this day Pakistan history was changed and after 63 years we have batter idea about this resolution Advantages.23 March Pakistan Resolution Day SMS, Poetry, Quotes 2023

Aysi Zameen Or Asman Inke Siwa Jana Kahan…?

Barhti Rahe Ye Roshni Chalta Rahe Ye Karwan

Dil Dil Pakistan Jaan Jaan Pakistan….

Happy Pakistan Day 23rd March 2023Pakistani songs for 23 March

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