14 Aug 2023 Azadi Day Songs Album Download

14 august songs download

Pakistani celebrates 14th August with full delight each years. Pakistan got this country after giving sacrifice in 1947.

Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah and his companion worked hard for a separate nation.

A place where each Muslim can live and say their worship according to Islamic values.

Muslims of subcontinent desired to get a country where they can live and enjoy their lives very easily.

So, Mr. Jinnah gave us a separate country to live which named as “Islami Jamhuria Pakistan”.

All Pakistani’s have love to celebrate this day 14th August from 1947 to up till now.

Schools, Colleges & Universities manage 14th August Azadi Day (Independence Day) each year in their place.

Now Govt of Pakistan has ordered to celebrate this day on 14th August 2023 as officially.

You can get here Independence day songs as video and audio. All songs are related to Pakistan Independence Day 14th August 2023.

Download Pakistani Azadi day songs online.

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