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Special Minister to Prime Minister of Imran Khan, Mr. Iftikhar Durani has tweeted and informed the Pakistani Nation that Imran Khan had wished to Telecast Famous Turkish Drama Serial Ertugural Ghazi in Urdu on PTV Home. This Drama Serial is the History of 13th Century’s Muslim Heroes.

Pakistan Television ( PTV Home) has obtained the Rights from Turkish Radio and Television corporation to Air the Turkey Drama Serial artugral in Urdu Language. PTV Will broadcast the Famous Turkish Drama Serial Dirlis Urtagural in Urdu from 1st Ramzan-ul-Mubarak.

turkish drama ertugural ghazi

ترکی کا مشہور ڈرامہ ارتغرل غازی

Ertugural Ghazi Drama in Urdu Language is the Story of Heroes of Islam in 13th Century who won many battles against non-muslim by believing in ALLAH. Turkish Drama Serial Ertugral is very famous in South Asian Countries, due to this, Prime Minister Imran Khan asked the PTV Home to Air Turkish Drama Ertugural Ghazi so that the youth can learn a message of unity, discipline, know about heroes and also know about the history of Islam.


Repeat Episodes of Drama Ertugural Ghazi in Urdu Language

Last Year the Prime Minister Imran Khan, Turkish President Rajab Ordagan, and President of Malaysia decided to launch Islam T.V channel which will fight against IslamFobia. The repeat Episodes of Drama Ertugural in Urdu Dubbed will be aired same night every Day at 12:00 Night and next Day 12:00 Noon. Prime Minister Imran Khan has asked people of Pakistan to Watch the Historic New PTV Drama Ertugural Ghazi in Urdu Dubbed which will be played by PTV on 01st Ramzan at 07:55 PM.

turkish drama on ptv

ارطغرل غازی ڈرامہ کی تماب قسطیں یہاں دیکھیں

The Dirilis Series is consisting of 5 Series. Each Series is consisting of 80+ Episodes. Watch New PTV Turkish Drama Ertugural Ghazi in Urdu Language All Episodes here. The first episode will be uploaded soon.

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