SOP for Namaz Taraweeh Ramzan Ul Mubarak Sehro Aftar

A Coordination meeting to discuss and finalize the SOP for Namaz-e-Tarawih and Juma tul Mubarak was chaired by the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Mr. Arif Alvi. In this meeting Religious Scholars from every sector participated. The meeting was held due to the control of the spread of control virus due to the gathering of Muslims in Mosques.

sop for mosques during ramzan ul mubarak

The Ulama Din give their suggestions for offering Namaz Taraweeh in masajid during Ramzan-ul-Mubarak 2020. A 20 points SOP for Namaz e Tarawih was formulated after mutual consultation and dialogues between President Arif Alvi and Ulama Karaam. The following SOP for Mosques during Ramzan UL Mubraka 2020 will be followed. Main Points are as;

There will be no use of Carpets in Mosques to offer pray

Namaz Will be offered on the floor of the mosque

If there is a courtyard in Mosques then the Namaz will be offered there despite of in a room or corridor

Over 50-year persons, old age, children, and people affected with flue will not come in mosques

The floor of the mosques will be washed with chlorine mixed water

There will be 06 feet distance between each Namazi

Wazu should be done from home

Gathering for Sehro Aftar will not be allowed in Masjid

Aitkaaf will be done at homes

There will be essential use of Face Mask and there will be no handshaking (Salam) after Namaz

There should be Marked Circles for Namazi in Mosques

Furthermore the Ulama Karam and President Dr. Arif Alvi asked the people to follow the SOP’s framed for Mosques during Ramzan Kareem 2020. If there is a violation, then the government keeps the right to change the SOP’s for Ramzan Ul Mabarak.

sop for mosques

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