Tik Tok Blocked in Pakistan by PTA

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has banned Tik Tok in Pakistan. the decision was taken today in a meeting and a Press release has been issed by the PTA in which PTA Banned Tik Tok App in Pakistan. Now onward, no one will be able to use tik tok as the PTA Block Tik Tok App in Pakistan.

tik tok blocked in pakistan

Tik Tok Mobile Application Blocked in Pakistan by PTA

a large number of complaints by the Community were received to Pakistan Telecommunication to ban Tik Tok Mobile App in Pakistan. Immoral and unethical content was being played on Tik tok mobile app. PTA already has given a warning to Tik Tok Management for unlawful videos on tik tok app. but no action was taken by tik tok company. now PTA Blocked the Tik Tok App.

tik tok app banned in pakistan

How to Use/ Open Tik Tok in Pakistan Again

Tik Tok Mobile Application can be used again in a very simple way. Go To Play Store and Search Proxy Software to use Tik Tok App. A number of List will be open. Download High rated best Proxy Software to Open Tik Tok App. you can also reopen Tik Tok Mobile App by changing your device location etc.

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