Health Risk Allowance Removed by Sindh Government

The Sindh Government had approved Corona Risk Allowance due to Covid-19. today the Health Risk Allowance has been discontinued by the Finance Department, Govt. of Sindh. Notification of Health Risk Allowance Sindh Government has been withdrawn. Health Professional Allowance for Doctors was issued after the approval of Chief Minister Singh Govt.


health risk allowance sindh

after covering the pandemic Covid-19, the Sind Government has announced to stop the health risk allownce that was being to Doctors and Para Medics Staff who were performing their duties in front of Covid-19. the Notification has been issued by the Sind Government. the detail of imbursement of Health Risk Allowance is as

BPS 17 and Above= Rs 35000

BPS-01 to BPS-17= RS 17000

Postgraduate Students= Rs 15000

House Job Officers= Rs 10000

Nursing Students= Rs 5000

health professional allowance sindh

Now the Sindh Government has stopped Health Risk Allowance. Notification will be uploaded soon.

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