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Safety Precautions of Solar Eclipse in Pakistan 21 June 2020

Solar Eclipse in Pakistan will be observed in Pakistan on 21-06-2020. The Sun Will is not visible on 21 June solar Eclipse. Solar Eclipse can be seen in countries of Africa and Asia including Pakistan. The Complete Solar Eclipse will be visible on 21-06-2020. 90% Solar Eclipse can be viewed in city Lahore at 11:00 AM. Ring of Fire can be viewed in every city of Pakistan. Suraj Grehan in Pakistan 21 June 2020 will start at 08:34 AM and end on 2:34 PM.

suraj grehan in pakistan

How Solar Eclipse happens and safety guideline for Solar Eclipse

Sun, Moon and Earth are moving at their own circles. When Moon comes directly between the Earth and Sun the Solar Eclipse occurred. The Solar eclipse depends on how far the sun is from the earth and how near the moon from earth. Doctors and Scientists says that the Solar Eclipse should not be looked directly. Solar Eclipse can damage your eyesight. The Ultra violate rays are much stronger than normal sun rays during soraj grahan in Pakistan 21 June 2020.

Solar Eclipse Side Effects on Pregnancy

Solar Eclipse effects on pregnancy are not been observed/ proven by the science. However effects of solar eclipse on pregnant woman can damage the baby during pregnancy. There are so many superstitious in different areas of the world. However in Religious Islam MUHAMMAD (PBUH) described that solar eclipse does not have any side effects on human life.

There are many superstitious for Solar Eclipse as

  • Don’t cut with a knife or metal
  • Don’t take the light of the solar eclipse
  • Don’t see the directly solar eclipse
  • Stay inside the home and room
  • Don’t work during solar eclipse both male and female (pregnant)
  • Don’t drive a vehicle or machinery if your wife is pregnant
  • Rest during a solar eclipse as much as you can
  • Take a bath when the solar eclipse is over
  • Don’t use a knife, scissor or needle during a solar eclipse

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