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Ramazan Kareem Sehr O Iftar Calendar Timing 2022 Landi Kotal

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Ramazan ul mubarik holy month will start from 03rd of April 2022. In Pakistan, people are on shopping for special arrangements for tomorrow 1st Ramazan sehr o iftar. Ramazan sehri o iftari is also very important. So, here we are giving you a full calendar for the timing of sehri o iftari year 2022. This calendar is valid for city Landi Kotal (Ramzan Calendar 2022) Pakistan and its surrounding areas. Other city people keep fasts according to their own city timing calendar. Download Landi Kotal city Ramazan ul Mubarak calendar Sehr o iftar 2022.

Download Ramazan Calendar Landi Kotal 2022:

Ramzan Sehri and Aftari Time Table Landi Kotal City

1st Ramzan 03-Apr-22 4:50 AM 6:37 PM
2nd Ramzan 04-Apr-22 4:50 AM 6:38 PM
3rd Ramzan 05-Apr-22 4:51 AM 6:39 PM
4th Ramzan 06-Apr-22 4:51 AM 6:40 PM
5th Ramzan 07-Apr-22 4:52 AM 6:40 PM
6th Ramzan 08-Apr-22 4:52 AM 6:41 PM
7th Ramzan 09-Apr-22 4:53 AM 6:42 PM
8th Ramzan 10-Apr-22 4:53 AM 6:43 PM
9th Ramzan 11-Apr-22 4:53 AM 6:43 PM
10th Ramzan 12-Apr-22 4:54 AM 6:44 PM
11th Ramzan 13-Apr-22 4:54 AM 6:45 PM
12th Ramzan 14-Apr-22 4:55 AM 6:46 PM
13th Ramzan 15-Apr-22 4:55 AM 6:46 PM
14th Ramzan 16-Apr-22 4:55 AM 6:47 PM
15th Ramzan 17-Apr-22 4:56 AM 6:48 PM
16th Ramzan 18-Apr-22 4:56 AM 6:49 PM
17th Ramzan 19-Apr-22 4:57 AM 6:50 PM
18th Ramzan 20-Apr-22 4:57 AM 6:50 PM
19th Ramzan 21-Apr-22 4:57 AM 6:51 PM
20th Ramzan 22-Apr-22 4:58 AM 6:52 PM
21st Ramzan 23-Apr-22 4:58 AM 6:53 PM
22nd Ramzan 24-Apr-22 4:58 AM 6:53 PM
23rd Ramzan 25-Apr-22 4:59 AM 6:54 PM
24th Ramzan 26-Apr-22 4:59 AM 6:55 PM
25th Ramzan 27-Apr-22 5:00 AM 6:56 PM
26th Ramzan 28-Apr-22 5:00 AM 6:57 PM
27th Ramzan 29-Apr-22 5:00 AM 6:57 PM
28th Ramzan 30-Apr-22 5:01 AM 6:58 PM
29th Ramzan 01-May-22 5:01 AM 6:59 PM
30th Ramzan 02-May-22 5:02 AM 7:00 PM



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