Pakistan Flag 14 August Picture Gallery & History

Pakistan flag biographyHistory of Pakistani Flag:

Pakistan National قومی پرچم‎, flag was presented in constituent Assembly on 11th August 1947. Pakistani flag has become an official tag on 14th August 1947 of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Who Designed Pakistan Flag:

The national flag of Pakistan was designed by Syed Amir uddin Khidwai who sewed pakistan flag(سید امیر الدین خدوئی) and was based on the original flag of the Muslim League.

Pak flag pics downloadParts of Pakistani Flag:

It has 2 parts green and white. Green field of this flag show the majority of Muslims living in this country. Similarly white side of this Parcham shows the minorities of Pakistan. It has white star and crescent (moon) reflect the dignity of this flag.

Flag of PakistanSize Dimension National Flag:

The Interior Ministry of Pakistan provides dimensions for flags in different circumstances:

For ceremonial occasions. 21′ × 14′, 18′ × 12′, 10′ × 6⅔’ or 9′ × 6¼’. For use over buildings. 6′ × 4′ or 3′ × 2′. For cars 24″ × 16″. For tables 10¼” × 8¼”.

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Pak Flag imagesRespect of Pakistani Flag:

Everybody from all over the world respect their country flags. Pakistani’s give respect this flag not only in their own country but also in abroad.

Pakistani Flag Protocol:

National flag protocols No other flag must fly higher (except the United Nations flag at United Nations buildings). When displayed or flown alongside other national flags, the National Flag must be displayed or flown at the same height as the other national flags, never lower. When displayed alongside provincial, military or corporate flags, the National Flag must be higher.

When tied to a mast, it must be tied only at the left (at the beginning of the white bar) and left to fly freely without any obstruction. Must not touch the ground, shoes or feet or anything unclean. Must never be flown in darkness. Must be raised at dawn and lowered at dusk (except on the Parliament of Pakistan, which is the only official building on which the flag is never lowered).

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When flown over the Parliament of Pakistan at night, it must always remain alit with artificial light Must not be marked with anything (including words or pictures). When raising: (i) must be saluted to by all uniformed personnel, (ii) others must stand in attention. Must be raised or lowered ceremoniously. Must never be displayed vertically.

When displayed horizontally, the white strip must always be at the left, with green field on the right. Must not fly or be displayed upside down or with the crescent and star facing left. Must not be displayed anywhere where it is likely to get dirty. Must not be set on fire or trampled upon.

Must not be buried or lowered into a grave (when burying a flag-bearing casket, the National Flag must be detached from the casket and held above the grave as the casket is lowered or removed from the casket before burial).

National flag Pakistan downloadPakistani Flag Flying Days:

23 March (Resolution Day of Pakistan)

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21st April (Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal death anniversary)

14th August (Pakistan Independence Day)

11 September (Death Anniversary Quaid E Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah)

25th December (Birth Day of Quaid E Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah)

Pakistani Flag Images

Here we have a full collection of Pakistani Flag Images. You can download Pakistan Perchum picture gallery 2016. Download Pakistan flag pictures HD.

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