Kashmir Solidarity Day 5 February Images Wallpapers

Youm e Yakjahti kashmirKashmir solidarity Day wallpapers images and pictures. As you know Kashmir is the most beautiful area of the world. Kashmir day 5 February is celebrated every year in Kashmir and Pakistan. 5th February 2024 nation shows the unity with Kashmiri’s brothers and sister’s.

This day is also a day of protest against india that occupied a lot of areas of Kashmir with a population of ten million. These disputed areas are located in the north of india. Pakistani’s are celebrating this day since 1990 with great zeal.

On this 5 February Kashmir day in Pakistan, there is a public holiday.Now we are sharing some images pictures wallpapers that will show you the real face of Kashmir. Kashmir youm e yakjehti Kashmir wallpapers 2024. Here some pictures of Kashmir day 5th February 2024. Download Kashmir Solidarity Day pictures.

Kashmir Solidarity Day 5 February Images Wallpapers Photos

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