Thursday , November 26 2020

Kashmir Solidarity Day 5 February Images Wallpapers

Youm e Yakjahti kashmirKashmir solidarity Day wallpapers images and pictures. As you know that Kashmir is the most beautiful area of the world. Kashmir day 5th February is celebrating every year in Kashmir and Pakistan. 5th February 2021 nation shows the unity with Kashmiri’s brothers and sister’s.

This day is also a day of protest against india that occupied a lot of areas of Kashmir with a population of ten million. These disputed areas are located in the north of india. Pakistani’s are celebrating this day since 1990 with great zeal.

On this 5th February Kashmir day in Pakistan, there is a public holiday.Now we are sharing some images pictures wallpapers that will show you the real face of Kashmir. Kashmir youm e yakjehti Kashmir wallpapers 2021. Here some pictures of Kashmir day 5th February 2021. Download Kashmir solidarity day pictures.

Kashmir Solidarity Day 5 February Images Wallpapers Photos

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