Tuesday , October 20 2020

Gazetted Leaves and Public Holidays 2020 in Pakistan


Public Holidays Pakistan 2020




Government of Pakistan has announced Gazetted and Public Holidays in Pakistan 2020 on dated 05 December 2019. People of the Pakistan will enjoy these Public holidays 2020 in current year 2020. They always  eager to know when and how many Gazette Leaves will be awarded every year.

Gazzeted Leaves in Pakistan 2020

Public  or Government Leaves are those leaves which are announced by federal Government of Pakistan every year. These may by called Notification of Gazzetted Leaves in Pakistan 2020. These leaves may include Kashmir Day, Pakistan Day, Eid-ul-fitar Holidays, Eid-ul-Azha Holidays, Independence Day, Ashura Holidays, Qud-e-Azam Day.

Ministry of Interior, Government of Pakistan has announced Many Public and also other Optional Public Holidays for Minorities in Pakistan as Baisakhi, Holi, Janam Asthami, Birhtday of Guru Nanak, Good Friday, New year, Shabe-Barat.

Important Note: Government Servants desiring to avail themselves of optional Holidays shall take prior permission from their Head Department or Concerned Office. There shall be only one Optional Holiday in case of Muslim and 03 Optional Holidays for Non-Muslim.


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The Detail of Public or Gazetted Leaves are as follows

Date of the Year 2020 Day of the Wee


Name of the Event
05-02-2020 Wednesday Kashmir Day
23-03-2020 Monday Pakistan Day 23 March
01-05-2020 Friday Mazdoor Day (Labour Day)
25,26,27 May 2020 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Eid ul fitar Leaves
31 July, 01, 02 August, 2020 Friday, Satur

day and Sunday

Leaves of Eid ul Azha
14-08-2020 Friday 14th August Leave
29, 30 August 2020 Saturday and


09 & 10 Muharram
30-10-2020 Friday 12 Rabi Ul Awal
25-12-2020 Friday Qud-e-Azam Birthday and Christmas

For Christians Only

Saturday Day after Christmiss


Detail of Optional Leaves 2020

Date of the Year 2020 Day of the W



Name of the Event
01-01-2020 Wednesday New Year Day
29-01-2020 Wednesday Basant
21-02-2020 Friday Shivaratri
09-03-2020 Monday Event of Holi (enjoy with color)
10-03-2020 Tuesday Dulhandi
23-03-2020 Monday Shabe Meraj (27 Rajab)
09-04-2020 Thursday Shabe-Barat
10-04-2020 Friday Good Friday
12 & 13 April 2020 Sunday and Monday Easter & Day after Easter
13-04-2020 Monday Baisakhi
20-04-2020 Monday Eid-e-Rizwan
07-05-2020 Thursday Buddha Purnima
11-08-2020 Tuesday Janam Asthami
21-08-2020 Friday Birthday of Lord Zoroaster
08-10-2020 Thursday Chehlum 20 Safar
23-10-2020 Friday Durga Pooja
25-10-2020 Sunday Dusehra
14-11-2020 Saturday Diwali Event
30-11-2020 Monday Birthday of Guru Nanak
28-11-2020 Saturday Bari Ghyarvi Shareef