EOBI Pension Increase by Rupees 2000 EOBI Notification

nofication of eobi pension 2020

Government of Pakistan has increased the EOBI Pension 2020 by Rupees 2000. Now the Employee Old Age Pensioners will get Rupees 2000 Extra every month as the EOBI Pension Increased by Rupees 2000. EOBI Pensioners shall receive minimum 8500 Pension from the January 2020. Pensioner will get Minimum 8500 instead of 6500 per month. Previously the minimum pension of EOBI was 6500. Now the Government has announced the Minimum Pension is 8500.

eobi pension increas rupess 2000

Notification of Pension Increased EOBI 2020

06 Lakh Pensioners of EOBI will get rupees 8500 as the government of Pakistan has increased the pension by rupees 2000/- the decision was taken by the Prime Minister Imran Khan in cabinet committee meeting held on 01st July, 2020. Pensioners are now very happy as they will receive 8500 minimum pension from January 2020. Pension Increased Notification of EOBI will be uploaded soon here.

eobi pension increased 2020

How to Get EOBI Pension

If you are eligible for EOBI Pension, you can receive EOBI Pension by submitting an application written on plain paper which should be verified by your owner, in case they refuse to verify your application then you can directly submit application form for EOBI Pension. You will Receive Claim Form for EOBI Pension. Fill the pension claim form and submit it to your nearest of EOBI.

eobi pension receiveHow to get eobi pension

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