What is MQM Agreement with Opposition Parties in Pakistan

A big breakthrough has appeared on media screens. MQM decided to give a vote in favor of the Joint Opposition regarding No-Confidence Motion against the Prime Minister of Pakistan. No Confidence Motion was filed by the Joint Opposition Parties on dated 07th March 2022. Voting for No Confidence on PM Pakistan will be done on 03rd April 2022 tentatively.

mqm contract with opposition parties

MQM Sign Agreement with PPP PMLN & JUI

The Agreement of MQM with Opposition Parties has been signed on Wednesday 30th March 2022. Now, Mutehda Qomi Movement will go with the opposition. MQM was the Big ally of the PTI in the Federal Government having 07 Numbers of MNAs in the National Assembly. The Subject of the Contract between MQM and Opposition Parties is the “Charter of Rights for the People of Sindh


Download Copy of Contract between MQM & Opposition

Mutahda Qomi Movement has signed Agreement with Pakistan Peoples Parties, Pakistan Muslim League (N), JUI and Baluchistan Awami Party. Thus, the Main Points of the Agreement/ Contract between Opposition Parties and MQM are as;

There shall be help/ support in the opening of MQM Closed Offices

Supreme Court Directions regarding Local government Elections shall be implemented in true letters

Proceedings of FIRs shall be proceeded as per Law

There shall make efforts to find out the Missing Persons

A bailout/ discounted package shall be given to businessmen/ Traders of Karachi

K-4 Project shall be completed as early as possible

Karachi Circular Railway Line Project shall be completed in due course


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