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sui gas duplicate bill

People who don’t receive their current month’s Sui Gas Bill can Print Online Sui Gas Bill. Online SNGPL Bill can be viewed and downloaded very easily. We are going to tell you about the very easy method of print and view the Sui gas bill in Pakistan. View the online bill of Sui gas free on your mobile or your computer. Don’t worry if you have misplaced or didn’t receive your Current Month SNGPL bill

How to print and View SNGP & SSGPL duplicate Sui gas Bill copy

SNGPL Bill can be download very easily. You can easily print SNGPL current month bill if you have a printer attached to your computer. If you don’t have the facility of the printer then you can download the PDF Bill of Sui Gas in your USB or mobile and print it from any computer shop.

  • First Click on the Button Below to Print Bill
  • On the Menu Select the Desired Category Commercial, Domestic or RLNG consumer
  • Enter Your Reference NO or Account ID which is written on your old Sui Gas Bill
  • Press Enter you Will View Your Bill
  • Right-click on SNGPL Bill and Print It or Save the Sui Gas Bill on your Device

Click Here to Print Your Sui Gas Bill

Calculate Sui Gas Bill or View SNGPL Billing Information

Bill Informations are very important as everyone should know that how a Sui Gas bill is calculated or maintained. See Below the image of Sui Gas Bill Information and Gas Charges. You Can Also check Taxes on Sui Gas Bill. You Can Also View the Tariff or Rates of Sui Gas Bill.

SNGPL Billing Information

Enter your previous month sui gas meter reading and current month meter reading. You also have to enter previous month reading date and current month reading date. Gas Bill is calculated on 30 days usage. Gas rate and charges are as

Slab Gas in Hm3 Rate per MMBTU
1 Upto 0.50 121 Rs
2 Upto 01.00 300 Rs
3 Upto 02.00 553 Rs
4 Upto 03.00 738 Rs
5 Upto 04.00 1107 Rs
6 And above 04.00 1460 Rs

There are 06 slabs of Sui Gas Bill. Your Bill will be calculated on the usage of these slabs. Try to maintain your sui gas consumption between 01 and 02 slabs. If you succeed these slabs your SNGPL Bill/ sui gas bill will be very high. Click the button below to Calculate your Sui Gas Bill

Calculate Your Sui Gas SNGPL Bill

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