Monday , September 28 2020

Notification of Pay and Pension for July 2020 in Advance

The Government of Punjab, Finance Department has issued notification for disbursement of Pay and Pension for the Month of July 2020 in Advance. Notification for Advance Salary and Pension for the Month of July 2020 has been issued by the Finance Department Government of the Punjab. Advance Salary of July will be given on 27 July, 2020.

Salary of July 2020

In this notification, all the relevant departments has been directed to give the salary for the month of July 27th July 2020. All Account Offices will be responsible to issue the salary before 27-07-2020. payment of Salary and Pension of July 2020 in Advance.

Due to upcoming Eid Ul Azha, the Government of Punjab has issued a notification for Salary of July on 27 July 2020. So the Salary of July month will be given on 27-07-2020, Government Of Punjab has directed to all concern department for the Disbursement of July Salary and Pension before on 27.07.2020 so that people can puchase Animal for Qurbani.