Duty and SOP of Corona Tiger Force responsibility

insaf corona tiger force

Prime Minister of Pakistan has taken serious notice regarding the Increasing Number of Corona Virus. In this scenario, the Prime Minister of Imran Khan decided to deliver Corona Relief  by registration corona Relief Tiger Force to the Needy and Poor People of Pakistan to their doorstep. PTI Chairman Imran Khan was against the LockDown in Pakistan as he pain for needy and poor people of Pakistan. He said that people will die due to hunger. If we want to lock down the whole country due to coronavirus then we should have our early preparation that how to provide food to people at their street, mohalla, and houses.

corona relief tiger force

Taking a lenient view the government of Pakistan has launched the registration of Corona Relief Tiger Force from today. Corona Relief Tiger Force Registration has been started on 31 March 2020. The Last Date for Registration for the corona Tiger Force is extended and the last date is now 15 April 2020. The Online application for Prime Minister Corona Relief Tiger Force was opened on 31-03-2020 and the last date is 15 April 2020. The Young People having age 18 Years to 45 years can get the registeration for PTI Corona Tiger Force.

Registration of Insaf Imdad Package

Work, Duty and Responsibilities Corona Relief Tiger Force in Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched the Corona Relief Tiger Force in accordance with increasing Cases of Corona virus in Pakistan. As the Cases of COVID-19 are increasing in Pakistan, the Government may completely lock down the country. In this Situation, the Corona Relief Tiger Force will provide food (Rashan) to the people at their door step. However, the Corona Relief Volunteers will also look after and control the patient in hospitals. They will also inform about the suspected patients of Corona and keep a dog Eye on Hoardings (Zakheera Andozi) in country.

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Corona Relief Fund has also been established in which People have been advised to Deposit maximum Donation in Corona Relief Fund. The Bank Account is open at the National Bank of Pakistan. The Expenditure Audit will be done and the report will be published regarding expenditures of Corona Relief Fund

Registration for Youth Tiger Force

How to Register online in Corona Relief Tiger Force

Registration for corona Relief Tiger Force is very simple. Simply Download the Prime Minister Citizen Portal App from the Google Play Store and Click on Registration for Corona Relief Tiger Force. Or You can simply click on the button given below to Register Yourself for Corona Tiger Force.

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How Much Salary of Corona Relief Tiger Force

Total Number of Registered Corona Relief Tiger Force Volunteers are reached more than 959048. the registered volunteers of tiger force will work on voluntarily and there is no salary of corona tiger force. however, wages and salary of corona relief tiger force are not announced by the Government. and the work of corona tiger force will be willful not forced. The trained corona tiger force will be contacted by the concerned Deputy Commissioner. Benefits of Corona Tiger Force. Members of Corona Tiger Force will be enthusiastically recognized by the Prime Minister Imran Khan and they will be awarded with a Certificates on performance by the Concerned Deputy Commissioner in a convention after the Pandemic Corona Virus. what is the Duty of Corona Tiger force. Corona Tiger Force Role and work. Corona Task force jobs Description is given bleow

Work and Responsibility of corona Tiger Force

Corona Relief Tiger Force will work voluntarily across the country in this out break of Corona Virus in Pakistan.  the duty of Corona Tiger Force include as;

  • Help of corona viurs Patients in Hospital
  • Data Collection of Effected Labourer due to Corona Virus
  • report about the suspected case of corona patient
  • Funeral Management of Died Corona Patient
  • Identification of Hoarding, High Prices of Goods,
  • identify people who violate the corona rules of government
  • Corona Tiger Force may be assigned any task by the concerned district administration
  • Corona Tigers will work under the District Committee
  • Corona Tigers will perform Duty under the Tehsil Level Committee

Corona Tiger Force Official Website

The government updated the latest data of Corona Relief Tiger Force which shows the updated data of Corona Tiger Force from the official website of crt.covid.gov.pk as;

  • Total Registered Corona Tiger Force in Pakistan is 959048
  • Total Registered Corona Tiger Force in KPK is 137306
  • Corona Tiger Force Registered Person in Punjab is 628906
  • Sindh Tiger Force Registration is 147235
  • Tiger Force Registration in Baluchistan is 14291
  • 14003 People registered for Corona Tiger Force in Islamabad
  • 5963 and 11574 Corona Tiger Force has been registered in Gilgit Baltistan and AJK.

duty of corona tiger force

Work of Corona Tiger Force

Corona Tiger Force District Committee

Tehsil Committee Members of Corona Tiger Force



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