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Physics MCQ’S Pattern Army/Navy/Air Force Online Test

Here you will find MCQ’S paper pattern 10 questions and answers for preparation of test to join Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy & Pakistan Air Force. All these questions are related to Physics. We have 10 questions which are related to physics. please note that all questions carrying equal marks. 10 questions for preparation of MCQ’S test in Pakistan armed force test 2015.

Here below 10 questions and answers. Please choose yourself to find out your ability and preparation of test in Army, Navy & Pakistan Airforce.

The work of a body is equal to the product of—?


If a body is dropped from it meets the ground after 3 sec?


The ray falling on the center of mirror passes through-?


The ratio of output and input is called?


Limiting friction is always——– then rolling friction?


In parallel circuit resistances_______?


When tow planets—then the gravitational attraction becomes greater?


. The strength of a magnet depends upon?


The increase in temperature of a body in unit mass up to 1c0 is called ?


Transistor consists on—–junction?


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