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The Virtual University of Pakistan was established in 2002. Virtual University has covered the success stories in a very short span of time. Now the Millions of Students from Pakistan are getting Online Education through VULMS. VU LMS Candidates’ login is available on the Main Page of VU. Students Login into VULMS and study online through VULMS, Utilize their Course through VU.LMS, Anwer and Question on VULMS. VU learning Management System fulfills all the course requirements that is why the VU-LMS is the first Visla Learning Management System in Pakistan.

What is VULMS and how does VULMS Work

VULMS is the Learning Management System specially prepared by the Information Technology Board of Virtual University. VULMS is a specially designed education app that facilitates the students to study from their homes by using the Computer or download Android APP of VU LMS by using the mobile phone. VU-LMS is the best example of distance learning education. In VULMS Students don’t have to ordinary classrooms or to go to university for the purpose of education. VU-LMS contains all the features of the modern education system. Many universities and colleges are following the VULMS Learning Management System of Virtual University.

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Purpose of VULMS and Important Features of VULMS

VULMS is specially designed for need-based education and for those students who don’t want to come to University or attend a classroom. The Purpose of VULMS is to expand the skill of students and provide all the essential needs of Education at One Plate Form i.e Admission, Study, Question and Answers, Feedback, Examination, Datesheet, Roll Number slips, Results of VULMS, and important features of VULMS are as;

  • Course Contents
  • Quizzes and Answeres
  • Assignment on VULMS
  • Graded Discussion Board (GDB of VULMS)
  • Moderated Discussion Board (MDB of VULMS)
  • Team Discussion Board (TDB of VULMS)
  • Announcement of VULMS
  • The activity log of VULMS
  • Student Account section (it contains fees history and payment detail)



Main  Important Features and Benefits of VULMS

The Virtual University of Pakistan has organized a plate farm for students which is called VULMS. Its important features are as;

  • VULMS provide the platform to study and teach in different means i.e audio, text, graphics, and videos
  • Assessment of students are analyzed through VULMS quizzes and answers
  • Students can create a Separate Group of their own choice for the purpose of the study on VULMS
  • VULMS Provide a graph showing the student success and pending work
  • Through VULMS students can ask questions directly
  • The Most Important Feature is that the students can visit and study at any time and own choice.
  • VULMS also facilitate the teacher and university to update the course content by taking new ideas from students
  • Important Feature VULMS is that VULMS can be accessed from any place in Pakistan.

Complete User Guide of VULMS

How to Submit Assignment on VULMS

  1. First of all students have to make a very good and convenient timetable for studying or watching classes on VULMS.
  2. Read and set your mind on how to solve the assignments.
  3. Understand the assignment well before solving it, if the assignment is not clearly discuss the point with your tutor or group discussion.
  4. You can review the lecture of a typical question
  5. Always use your own phrasing/answers to solve the assignment on VU LMS
  6. You can find answers of any typical answer from your colleagues and remember that your assignment should be original and no copy words should be included in VULMS Assignment
  7. After successful completion, you can upload Assignment on VULMS in the required format as PDF or MS Word Formate


How to Change or Recover Forgotten Login Password of VULMS

If You have forgotten VULMS Password, you can easily recover the Password free. The Password Changing option is available on your log-in screen. Enter Student ID in the Box then Personal Email Address on which you want to receive Password. Then Select the required Password which you have forgotten and send it. The New Password will be received at your e-mail address which you have registered on VU Learning Management System.

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