Scale Wise Salary Increased in December 2023 Chart

Good news for government employees about their salary increment in December 2023. Yearly scale-wise Salary Increase in 2023. The Annual Increment will be added to the December salary of Government employees.  The increment will be in only Basic Salary not for a gross salary.

Annual Salary Increment in December 2023

Salary Increment in December 2023 Chart is listed below. this is the estimated Salary Increment in December 2023 for All governments, Federal, Sindh Government, the Punjab Government, the KPK Government, and the Baluchistan Government. Check Scale Wise Annual Increment of Salary in December 2023.

Greetings to all government employees! As we approach the end of the year, there’s good news on the horizon: the Scale Wise Salary Increase in December 2023. This is a moment many of you have been waiting for, as it brings the much-anticipated annual increment.

The annual increment is a yearly salary increase that serves as a reward for your hard work and dedication. This year, the December increment 2023 promises to bring a substantial boost to your earnings, making the holiday season even more joyful.

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How much your salary will increase annual increment 2023-2024?

To understand how much your salary will increase, you can refer to the annual increment chart. This chart provides a detailed breakdown of the percentage increase you can expect. For 2023, the annual increment chart 2023 has been released, offering a comprehensive guide to your salary hike.

For those of you based in KPK, there’s a specialized annual increment chart 2023 KPK. This chart takes into account the unique economic conditions of the region, ensuring a fair and balanced increment.

Looking ahead, the annual increment chart 2024 has also been unveiled. This allows you to plan your finances for the next year, giving you a clearer picture of your future earnings.

Salary Increased Annual Increment Chart 2023-24 Updated

BPS Min Increment Max Increment Ave Increment
BPS-01 4743 9258 7000
BPS-02 4837 9982 7410
BPS-03 4991 11081 8036
BPS-04 5142 12072 8607
BPS-05 5331 13206 9268
BPS-06 5516 14336 9926
BPS-07 5709 15264 10486
BPS-08 5912 16412 11162
BPS-09 6115 17560 11837
BPS-10 6318 18813 12565
BPS-11 6528 20283 13405
BPS-12 6920 21935 14427
BPS-13 7406 23786 15596
BPS-14 7886 26156 17021
BPS-15 8372 29162 18767
BPS-16 9825 33555 21690
BPS-17 13521 34041 23781
BPS-18 17064 42624 29844
BPS-19 26352 53532 39942
BPS-20 30741 58839 44790
BPS-21 34137 65301 49719
BPS-22 36657 73239 54948

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