Raast Digital Payment System Launched in Pakistan

rast digital instant payment

Today, 11 January 2021, Government of Pakistan launched Raast Digital Payment System to purify the payments between people, organizations etc. Raast Digital is a step forward to Imran Khan’s Dream “the digital Pakistan”. Digital Payment System Raast is launched by the State Bank of Pakistan with the collaboration of Bill Gate’s foundation. Rast Digital Payment program is another feather toward digitization of Pakistan.

Benefits of Raast Digital Payment System

  • Raast Digital can be used between Person to Person Domestic Account Transfer.
  • Features of Rast Digital Payment System also helpful in Merchant Payment (on purchase of routine goods).
  • Raast Digital shall be adopted for Payment of Salaries, Pension and Wages.
  • Digital Payment Raast shall be used for Payment between the Supplier and Vendors.
  • Mobile Number Shall be used for (P2P) person to Payment.
  • QR Code Shall be used in Raast Digital Payment System.
  • Utility Bills (Sui Gas Bills, Electricity Bills, Telephone Bills etc) Shall be paid by using Raast Digital Payment Service which is a very good benefit of Raast digital payment service.
  • All dividend payments, Welfare Payments, Tax Payments, though every payment in Pakistan shall be followed using Raast Digital Payment features.
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raast digital payment system

State Bank of Pakistan Raast Digital App shall improve Documentation, Reliance of Cash and Promote Ease of Doing Business in Pakistan as the Investors will receive their cash/credit instantly. Raast Pakistan Instant Payment System will attract foreigners to offer services in Pakistan. Raast Digital Payment System shall be gradually adopted for Payment of Ehsaas Programs. Pensions and Salaries Shall also be paid by Using SBP Raast Digital Instant Payment Service.

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