Notification of Eid Holidays 2023 Eid ul Fitar Leaves 2023

The Government has decided to allow 04 Days Eid-ul-Fitar Leaves 2023. Leaves on Eid ul Fiter 2023 will be from 21 April 2023 to 25 April 2023 tentatively. The government of Punjab Choti Eid Holidays 2023 has been finalized and there will be 05 Eid ul Fiter Leaves in 2023. The Govt of Punjab has finalized to give Leaves on Eid ul Fitar 2023 for 05 Days.


As the Punjab Government has opened shops and markets across Punjab so that people can buy necessary household items. The Decision of Cabinet Committee Punjab was under observation however the final Approval 05 days Holidays of Eid-ul-Fitar 2023 will be given by Chief Minister Usman Buzdar. Choti Eid Leaves 2023 will be from 21 to 25 April 2023. 05 Days Leave of Eid-ul-Fitr 2023 has been approved.

Notification of Eid Ul Fitar Holidays 2023 in Pakistan

Home Department Government of Punjab will issue a Notification of Eid ul Fitar Holidays Punjab 2023 after the approval of Chief Minister Usman Buzdar. The Public Transport Public Parks will be open during eid leaves 2023. Very Good News has been announced. Notification of Eid Holidays 2023 Punjab as been uploaded here.

Notification of Eid Leaves in Punjab

Earlier Mehkma Mosmyat announced that the Moon of Eid Ul Fitr can be seen on 21-04-2023. Pakistan Metrological Department has announced that Moon Sighting will not be possible on 30 Ramazan. The Moon of Eid ul fitar 2023 can be viewed on 21 May 2023.

Notification of Eid Leaves 2023 Federal Government Pakistan

Federal Interior Minister, Sheikh Rasheed will issue a Notification for Eid Holidays Federal Government. Eid Holidays 2023 of the Federal Government will be from 21 April to 25 April 2023. And all the Public Parks, Transport, Markets, Restaurants, and Hotels will be open. Eid Ul Fitar Holiday Notification 2023 has been issued.

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