Zong 4G Internet Packages Daily Weekly Monthly 2023

Zong Net Package Data Offers

Choose the Best zong Internet Package from your own choice with and enjoy with zong by subscribing Zong Daily internet Package, Weekly Net Package, and Monthly Data Package. zond daily net package. zong monthly net package

Type of PackagePackage BenefitsCost of PackageValidityActivation Process
Daily Basic100 MB17 + tax01 Day*6464#

Check: *102#

Daily Data Max500 MB Data

500 MB YouTube

38 + tax01 Day*6464#

Check: *102#

Day Time Offer1200 MB


16 + tax01 Day

(04 AM to 07 PM)


Check: *102#

Good Night Offer2500 MB16 + tax01 Day

(01 AM to 09 AM)

SMS gno to ‘6464’

Check: *102#

Social Pack100 MB10 + tax01 Day*6464#

Check: *102#

Classified Pack for only Daraz, Pakwheel, Carmudi, Kaymu50 MB5 + tax01 Day*6464#

Check: *102#

Facebook50 MB5 + tax01 Day6464#

Check: *102#

Super Weekly2500 MB123 + tax07 Days*6464#

Check: *102#

Super Weekly Plus7000 MB164 + tax07 Days*20#

Check: *102#

Super Weekly Max25000 MB

(10 GB YouTube)

10 GB Flate

05 GB  4 AM to 4 PM

201 + tax07 Days*220#

Check: *102#

Monthly Mini 150150 MB50 + tax30 Days*6464#

Check: *102#

Monthly Basic500 Mb150 + tax30 Days*6464#

Check: *102#

Monthly Premium3000 MB300 + tax30 Days*6464#

Check: *102#

Monthly 30 GB30,000 MB

( 15 GB Flate and 15 GB YouTube)

744 + tax30 Days


Check: *102#

 Share Your Internet with your 10 Family Members or Friends

Zong Introduce Internet Share Package. In this package you can share your Internet to your family members or friends. You can share this net package to your 10 Friends or family member living in anywhere In Pakistan. In this package only one person subscribe the package while other enjoy free internet on their mobiles.

Type of PackagePackage BenefitsCost of PackageValidityActivation Process
Monthly 5 GB5000 MB500 + tax30 DaysDial *6464*5# and follow steps
Monthly 10 GB1000 MB900 + tax30 Days

Dial *6464*5# and follow steps

Zong Customers can also Subscribe Zong Amazing Offers as

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