Youm E Takbeer 28 May Urdu Speech 2023

Youm E takbeer HD wallpapers 2014Youm E takbeer HD wallpapers 2014

28th May Youm e takbeer is the day for Pakistan. On 28th May 1998 Pakistan had become a nuclear power. That was the first Muslim country who become a nuclear power. Pakistan is the 8th country of the world which has become a nuclear power. Youm-e-takbeer is the inerasable chapter in the history of Pakistan. We cannot forget that day 28th May 1998 when Pakistan became a nuclear power.

Every year in Pakistan takbeer day (tashakur) day of 28th May is celebrated each year. Pakistan also identifies, national defense and to maintain survival and seventh five successful nuclear explosion, nuclear power has emerged as a world map. This is the reason that in Pakistan 28th May takbeer, Tashakur day is celebrated. Youm E takbeer urdu speech

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