Wednesday, January 26 2022

Ya Shah E Umum Ik Nazar E Karam Listen/ Download Audio Naat By Khurshid Ahmed

Khurshid Ahmed Naat audio ya shah e umum ik nazar e karam

Here we are sharing Famous Naat Khawan Khurshid Ahmed of International Award holder naats in audio and listen online. This naat is heart touching lyrics. Ya Shah E Umum Ik Nazar E Karam. This is very famous naat recited by Khurshid Ahmed. The poetry of this naat is so loves and that praise the Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Khurshid Ahmed recites this naat (Ya Shah E Umum Ik Nazar E Karam) with his heart and soul. People like this naat very much. Here we are sharing Ya Shah E Umum Ik Nazar E Karam audio naat recited by Khurshid Ahmed famous Naat Khawan of Pakistan.

Khurshid Ahmed is commonly famous Naat Khawan in Pakistan & India. He is also famous all over the world due to his beautiful voice. He recited thousands naats in urdu, Punjabi, English and other famous languages. Now listen online or download audio naat by Khurshid Ahmed Ya Shah E Umum Ik Nazar E Karam.

Ya Shah-E-Umum Ak Nazr-E-Karam

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