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World Cricket History General Knowledge Quiz Online

Here you will find International cricket general knowledge quiz answers and questions. In this post you will find about world famous game cricket. All questions and answers will help you in any sports quiz and mcq’s. All questions are related to cricket best ranks and history. In this post there are 10 questions and quiz for cricket knowledge having 10 marks. You must attempt all questions. After that you will get answers and result of this quiz. If you have score 7 you will pass in this quiz test.

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What colour of caps are worn by the Australian national cricket team?


Which county plays at home at the St Lawrence Ground?


What kind of fruit is depicted on the badge of Worcestershire County Cricket Club?


Which king declared cricket illegal in 1477?


What connects the badges of Hampshire, Yorkshire, Northamptonshire, Derbyshire and Lancashire?


In 1987 who was the last England captain of the 20th century to win an Ashes Series?


In 2002 who announced his retirement from international cricket having amassed a career total of 8029 runs in 128 Tests?


Which country won the first Cricket World Cup in 1975?


Whose autobiography is entitled Dazzle


Which county did Graham Gooch represent throughout his cricket career?


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