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Vital Tea Umrah Scheme Lucky Draw List 2021

Vital Chay Umrah Scheme

Vital Group who started its business in 1991 has launched a very interesting offer called Vital Umrah Offer. Since it started the business of Tea from the little town of a District Bahawalnagar

How to Enter in Lucky Draw Vital Tea Umrah Offer

There are two ways to register in Vital Tea Umrah Lucky Draw. By following these steps you can win the Umrah Package (Return Ticket & 50,000 Cash). You have to Purchase a vital Tea Pack of 475g or 950g. Open the Pack and you will find a Lucky Draw Entry Card.

  • Go to Your write message option. Type your Name then space type your city name then add space and then enter your 9 digits cared number showing on card. And send it to 7575. (Name_city Name_Card Number)
  • First, install any Qr Code Scanner Application from Google play store or Apple Store and then Scan the QR Code on the Card. A new window will be open on your mobile and enter the required data in fields.

First Lucky Draw Vital Tea 16-12-2019

First Vital Tea Umrah Lucky Draw held on 16 December 2019 in Which 20 Lucky Winners have won the Umrah Package and also Rupees 50,000 Cash. The Detail of Lucky Winners is as

Suzuki Umrah Package Scheme 2021

Shabbir, Abdul Latif, M. Nasir Aziz, Sheraz Qaiser, Ambreen Mohsin, Hira, M. Ramzan, Abdul Ahad, Saanwal, M. Shehbaz, Kamran, M. Younas, M. Irfan, Ifitikhar Ahmad, Saeed Ali, Farhan, Waqar-ul-nisa, M. Faheem, M. Azeem and Abdul Razzaq

2nd Lucky Draw List 23-12-2019

Detail of Vital Tea Qura Andazi Winners published in Daily Jang Newspaper 24 December 2019.

02nd Lucky Draw 23-12-2019
Congratulations to All Lucky Winners of Vital Tea Umrah scheme 02 Luck Draw  23-12-2019. keep your lucky card safe. it will be demanded from you when you were awarded the prize.
  • 3rd Lucky Draw List 30-12-2019

You can also win this Vital Tea Umrah Package. Simply purchase any Vital Tea Umrah Packet and open the card and follow the instructions which are written on the backside of the card

Winners of Vital Teal 3rd Lucky Draw…..

List of Umrah Package Winners was published in Daily Jang Newspaper on 31st December 2019

Vital Tea 3rd Lucky Draw List

  • 4th Lucky Draw List

Now this Wining process will continue for 200 People across all over the country. 4th Lucky Draw Results which will be held on 06-01-2020, in which 20 Lucky persons will be declared to win Vital Tea Umra Package.

Winners Names of Lucky Draw Winners Published on 07-01-2020

Vital Qura Andazi

Congratulations to 20 Lucky people from all over the Pakistan who have won Vital Tea Umrah Package with 50 Thousand Cash. They will enjoy the Holly visit of Madina and Makkah in Saudi Arabia on their own choice.

Vital Tea 5th Lucky Draw Winners List

People who have purchased Vital Tea Umrah Pack and also have sent their entry for Vital Tea Lucky Draw umrah Scheme can check their results. if they have won the Umra Package with fifty Thousand Cash, the company or Vital Tea Team will call him and inform the Lucky person for wining of Umrah Package.

Vital Tea lucky draw list 14-01-2020

100 Lucky person has been Won the Umrah Package in different Lucky Draws

Vital Tea Umrah Scheme Draw List 14-01-2020

Vital Tea 5th Lucky Draw Winner Names
Sr #. Name Card No
1 Niaz Baigum 7185331104
2 Muhammad Irfan 5929453283
3 Mazhar Iqbal 7166293500
4 M. Qasim 1083921697
5 Hafiz Riaz Rasool 4382703544
6 Hafiz Ullah 1280582926
7 Shoukat Ali Khan 5067674448
8 M. Asmi 3872370447
9 M. Akmal 2638348457
10 Shehzada 3638755529
11 Wajid  Ali Shahid 5735066643
12 Saqib Mehmood 6493932655
13 Najma Mansoor 3289626406
14 Ali Hassan 7531269708
15 Habib Ullah 8575428727
16 M. Saeed Memon 7022367499
17 Saeed Tahir Ali 6509496133
18 M. Asim 7685361427
19 Abdul Zaheer 6746085759
20 Sajid Mehmood 1833217089
  • Vital tea 6 Lucky Draw Winners

People are winning Umra Scheme Return Ticket and also 50, 000 cash from the different cities of Pakistan, Lahore, Karachi, Mansehra, Nankana Sahib, Jhang, Shuja Abad, Tando Ala Yar, Faisalabad, Jalalpur, Chishtian, Mian Wali, Abbottabad, Thatta, Sadiqabad, Zahir Peer and many other cities and towns of Pakistan. You Can Also Win….keep sending your entries for lucky draw 20 January 2020.

Vital Tea Qura Andazi today 20-01-2020

Sr #. Name Code Number
1 Riffat Bibi 8489974308
2 M. Junaid 7583331153
3 M. Saleem 7768424552
4 Syed Adnan 4086526985
5 M. Akhter 6284953208
6 M. Irfan 9483046218
7 Javed Iqbal 3856672708
8 Syed Yasir 7873967056
9 M. Bilal 5351828785
10 Shakir 9833591386
11 Rasoolan Bibi 7230610826
12 Riaz Ahmad 9880509520
13 M. Kamran 2534901098
14 Mumtaz Ahmad 4089730657
15 M. Nadeem 1938392217
16 Altaf Hussain 8684291341
17 M. Tariq 5939905896
18 Saif-ul-rehman 9382180124
19 Saifullah 3333112907
20 Haji Sadar Ali 4934003392
  • Vital tea 7 Qura Andazi List

vital tea qura andazi 27-01-2020

Vital Tea brings Exciting Offer for its customer which is considered as a vital family. Vital Tea Introduced Vital Umrah Scheme 2020 in the Month of December 2019 and aim to give 200 Vital Umrah Package and fifty thousand Cash to those customers who win by Vital Lucky Draw Every Week.

7 Lucky Draw Vital Tea

20 Lucky Person were selected from today Vital Tea Lucky Draw Result. Those twenty Umrah Package winners 28-01-2020 may be from any city of Pakistan. Vital Tea today Umra Draw List 27-01-2020. Lucky Draw Result 27 January 2020 will be published today in Roznama Jang Newspaper 28 January 2020.

Vital tea Lucky Draw Umrah List 28-01-2020

People can check their name in vital tea today qura andazi. Vital tea Qura Andazi 28 Jan 2020. Vital tea qura andazi list 27-01-2020. People can also search in previous vital tea qura andazi which were held on 21/01/2020 and 14 January 2020. vital tea today lucky draw. You can also check all Vital Tea Qura Andazi Results.

Vital Tea Today Lucky Draw Qura Andazi List

Name Card No City
Khair Muhammad 5280260246 Chishtian
Qamar ul zaman 5687241228 Vehari
Allah Ditta 5941662843 Arifwala
Farhat Ahmad 7495793304 Lahore
Nazik Hussain 6758737249 Faazal Pur
Shugufta Shamash 5832729304 Karachi
Hanif Ramzan 3799489296 Ali Pur
Khalid Ahmad 6700791933 Zahir Peer
Atiq ur Rehman 1877295399 Khan Gharh
Amir Zaheer 6228979674 Faisalabad
Muhammad Nasir 4193471685 Noor Poor
Samra Maqsood 7535176441 Lahore
Muhammad Amjad 4789030101 Jehlum
Khalida Parveen 6888337877 Rawalpindi
Mehboob Ali 8233944179 Ghos Pur
Abdul Razzaq 3430883532 Kand kot
Ghafrana 9040905226 Nawab Shah
Arooj Ali 4092957664 Karachi
Nasir 2530185483 Noshehra
Riaz Gul Khan 5786376591 Abbotabad

Vital tea 8th lucky draw winner list umrah scheme 2020

Vital Chaye 8 qura andazi 03-02-2020 list has been uploaded. You can check your name in the list of vital tea lucky draw winners 03/02/2020. People like Vital Tea very much and vital group brings the Vital Umrah Scheme for 200 people which will be choosen via Vital Tea Umrah Lucky draw today.

vital tea 8 qura andazi

Vital tea qr qura andazi list today will be advertised in daily jang news paper and daily the news newspaper. 140 lucky people including men and women are being selected by Vital Tea Qura Andazi. Vital tea taste is also very good. It has brings different flavor as vital tea green tea. And Vital Soap and vital fruity soap which is also available in different colors i.e peach, lemon, green apple, tropical, orange and grape which are called vital tea fruity soap.

40 lucky winners are remaining to announce vital tea 9th Lucky Draw and Vital Tea 10th Lucky Draw which will be the last lucky draw of vital tea.

Keep visiting our website to get with the update with the latest vital tea Umrah Scheme Lucky Draw. Vita Tea Umra Lucky Draw. Vital Tea Umra Qura Andazi Today.

Vital Tea 8th Lucky Draw List

Vital tea 8 Lucky Draw List Umrah Scheme 2020  Today

Sr# Name City Card Number
1 M. Younas Fort Abbas 1880402343
2 Asif Ali Donga Bonga 8251927746
3 M. Younas Jahanian Mandi 6514733482
4 M. Saleem Kamalya 1235746653
5 M. Arshad Pakpattan 9689973167
6 M. Asad Okara 9177222717
7 Ghulam Asghar faazal Pur 8956267505
8 Sajjad Ali Chowk Manda 2487893093
9 M. Baqir Layyah 7534863324
10 Umair Sattar Bhakkar 1165205720
11 Murtaza Hussain Hyderabad Thall 4688776771
12 M. Naeem  Sadiqabad 7587573493
13 Sumaira Batool Tandlianwala 8286245602
14 Afzal Ahmad Sheikhupura 3994658389
15 Tafseer Hussain Gujrat 9030002279
16 Faisal Shehzad Chowa Saidan Shah 2864453156
17 Mumtaz Nawab  Shah 8867302639
18 Abdul Subhan Ghos Shah 5624246429
19 Suhaib Usman Karachi 4473091017
20 M. Taimoor Karachi- 7784936548

Vital Tea Umrah Scheme 9th Lucky Draw 17-02-2020

Vital Tea Today Lucky Draw Result 17th February 2020. Vital Tea 9th Lucky Draw on dated 17-02-2020. Vital Tea Umrah Scheme List 17.02.2020. Vital Chay Umrah Winner List Today 17/02/2020. Vital Chaye Umrah Scheme Today Winners Names 18-02-2020 will be advertised in DailyJang Newspaper on Tuesday. These names will also be advertised in the News  Newspaper.

9th Lucky Draw Vital Tea 17-02-2020


The 20 winners of Vital Tea Umrah Scheme 9th Lucky Draw 18 Feb 2020 from all over Pakistan are heartedly congratulated by Pakword. And we wish to see you happy in your whole life. Umrah package by Vital Tea is really a good step by Vital Tea. And this package may be continued for the people.  is the best site that uploads Vital Tea Umra Winner List very first. If you have sent your entry you can search here your name and coupon number here free. Vital Tea has announced 160 People from all over Pakistan which has won Vital Tea Umra Package which includes 50 Thousand Cash and returns tickets.

Vital Tea Lucky Draw 17/02/2020 has been uploaded. Vital Group has decided to extend the Vital Umrah Scheme so that maximum people from Pakistan can participate in the Vital Tea Umrah Scheme Result.

Vital tea Lucky Draw Today Winners 17.02.2020

This is the 9th Lucky Draw of Vital Tea which held on 17th February 2020. Vital Tea Umrah Scheme 2020 winner’s names 17-02-2020

Sr# Name City Card Number
1 Israr Ahmad Chistian 5083244600
2 Gul Muhammad Hasil Pur 1801603039
3 Abid Hussain Khanewal 3714000205
4 M. Nadeem Qadir Pur Raan 3131040980
5 M. Aftab Arif Wala 5985070163
6 Allah Bakhsh Tonsa 3032961575
7 M. Ikram Fateh Pur 7782765687
8 M. Umar Ghotki 2407071327
9 Irfan Ghos Bahawalpur 5980219465
10 M. Ramzan Bahalwal 4812236317
11 M. Aslam Karachi 6239471076
12 Mustafa Ali Sialkot 3935842225
13 Abid Hussain Pasroor 4150910188
14 Shehbaz Lahore 3881746417
15 M. Aslam Islamabad 6133848654
16 Chagredi Khan Dera Murad Jamali 2983348840
17 Nasrullah Dado 8434909192
18 Sarfraz Badeen 3184375371
19 Adnan Kinri 2083784538
20 Marian Anbreen Karachi 7831371552

Tapal Tea Umra Package Winners

Supreme Tea Umrah Winners

Suzuki Umrah Package Scheme 2020

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