Friday, July 1 2022

Vital Tea Lucky Draw List 01 Crore Scheme


Vital Tea has announced an exciting Scheme for Vital Tea Customers. Vital Tea has announced Vital Tea 01 Crore Scheme which will be given after the announcement in Vital Tea Lucky Draw 2021. This is trending in Pakistan and becomes the race between Tea Companies in Pakistan. Different Tea Companies are announcing different amazing Prize Winnings Schemes 2021 to win popularity amongst the people of Pakistan some are the Famous Tea Lucky draw Scheme 2021 are as;

Qamar Chaye Umrah Scheme 2021

Qamar Chaye Gold Spoone Scheme 2021

Qamar Tea Prize Winning Scheme 20221

How To Send Entry in Vital Tea 01 Crore Lucky Draw 2021

Vital tea Introduced a very Exciting Offer named Vital Tea Scheme 2021. In this Scheme, 01 Corere Rupees shall be given to Vital Tea Lucky Winners 2021 across Pakistan. 

Vital Tea Lucky Draw List 2022

Any Customer who purchases Vital Tea 475 Gm Packet or Vital Tea 900 Gram Packet from Market, will found a Vital Tea Coupin, Scratch the Vital Tea Card and send through SMS to 7575. You will receive a confirmation message that your entry has been done. “vitalteal” are some search terms by which any user can easily download Vital Tea Lucky Draw Winner List.

Vital Tea 01 Crore Lucky Draw Winner list 2021

The Price of Vital Tea 475g Pack is 500 whereas the Vital Tea 900g Pack is Rs. 900. It is available at all famous superstore, markets, shops, karyana shops even online from or humamartonline. Vital tea First Lucky Winner List is uploaded here. Vital 01 Crore Scheme 2021 shall be distributed equally.