Thursday , February 20 2020

Vital Tea Umrah Scheme 9th Lucky Draw 17-02-2020

Vital Tea Today Lucky Draw Result 17th February 2020. Vital Tea 9th Lucky Draw on dated 17-02-2020. Vital Tea Umrah Scheme List 17.02.2020. Vital Chay Umrah Winner List Today 17/02/2020. Vital Chaye Umrah Scheme Today Winners Names 18-02-2020 will be advertised in DailyJang Newspaper on Tuesday. These names will also be advertised in the News  Newspaper.

9th Lucky Draw Vital Tea 17-02-2020


The 20 winners of Vital Tea Umrah Scheme 9th Lucky Draw 18 Feb 2020 from all over Pakistan are heartedly congratulated by Pakword. And we wish to see you happy in your whole life. Umrah package by Vital Tea is really a good step by Vital Tea. And this package may be continued for the people.  is the best site that uploads Vital Tea Umra Winner List very first. If you have sent your entry you can search here your name and coupon number here free. Vital Tea has announced 160 People from all over Pakistan which has won Vital Tea Umra Package which includes 50 Thousand Cash and returns tickets.

Umrah 9th Lucky Draw

Congratulations to our 20 winners of 9th lucky draw for winning Umrah package 2019 (50,000 cash and return ticket). Stay tunned for next luck draw. 20 lucky winners are still remaining so hurry up and send your entries today.#Umrahpackage#Vitalpiyo #Zindagijiyo

Gepostet von Vital Tea am Sonntag, 16. Februar 2020

Vital Tea Lucky Draw 17/02/2020 has been uploaded. Vital Group has decided to extend the Vital Umrah Scheme so that maximum people from Pakistan can participate in the Vital Tea Umrah Scheme Result.

Vital tea Lucky Draw Today Winners 17.02.2020

This is the 9th Lucky Draw of Vital Tea which held on 17th February 2020. Vital Tea Umrah Scheme 2020 winner’s names 17-02-2020

Sr#NameCityCard Number
1Israr AhmadChistian5083244600
2Gul MuhammadHasil Pur1801603039
3Abid HussainKhanewal3714000205
4M. NadeemQadir Pur Raan3131040980
5M. AftabArif Wala5985070163
6Allah BakhshTonsa3032961575
7M. IkramFateh Pur7782765687
8M. UmarGhotki2407071327
9Irfan GhosBahawalpur5980219465
10M. RamzanBahalwal4812236317
11M. AslamKarachi6239471076
12Mustafa AliSialkot3935842225
13Abid HussainPasroor4150910188
15M. AslamIslamabad6133848654
16Chagredi KhanDera Murad Jamali2983348840
20Marian AnbreenKarachi7831371552


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