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Vital Tea 10 Lucky Draw Winner list Umrah 03-03-2020

vital tea qura andazi list 03 march 2020

Vital Tea Umrah Winners  10th Lucky Draw  03 March 2020

Congratulations to All Lucky Winner of Vital Tea Umrah schem  Lucky Draw  03/03/2020. keep your lucky card safe. it will be demanded from you when you were awarded the prize. 180 lucky person has won a vital tea umrah package. now 20 people win Vital Chaye Umrah Package.

vital Chay Umrah Winner List will be available soon her. Vital Tea Umrah Scheme Today Lucky Draw Result 03/03/2020. Vital Tea Jang Newspaper List. Jang Newspaper Vital tea Umrah Winner List. Vital Umrah Winner List 03 March.

Suzuki Umrah Offer 2020Vital tea 10th lucky winner list

How to Enter in Lucky Draw Vital Tea Umrah Offer

There are two ways to register in Vital Tea Umrah Lucky Draw. By following these steps you can win the Umrah Package (Return Ticket & 50,000 Cash). You have to Purchase a vital Tea Pack of 475g or 950g. Open the Pack and you will find a Lucky Draw Entry Card.

  • Go to Your write message option. Type your Name then space type your city name then add space and then enter your 9 digit cared number showing on card. And send it to 7575. (Name_city Name_Card Number)
  • First, install any Qr Code Scanner Application from Google play store or Apple Store and then Scan the QR Code on the Card. A new window will be open on your mobile and enter the required data in fields.

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