Monday , November 18 2019

Visit Beautiful Kalam Valley Swat Pakistan

Kalam valley Pakistan (1)God gifted sights in Northern Pakistan. Here we are talking about very beautiful valley Kalam (Swat) Pakistan.  At a distance of 100 kms from Mingora(Swat) at height of 6000 feet, you have a town of hotels and motels thin in Kalam and is the most beautiful place in Swat valley. It is situated at the concourse at two little rivers Ushu and Utror. Here you have a deep tourist of pines and deodar in the plain, not on the hills. So it is unique in this respect. It is also unique in its natural sights springs, waterfalls and glaciers you can have a view of the mount Falakser. What about your summer vacations I suggest you don’t miss this beautiful Valley. This valley has very beautiful sights, greenery, happy and loving people.  You will never forget them from your eyes.