Friday , December 6 2019

Veena Removed From Hero TV’s Astaghfar Show

Karachi: Apparently succumbing to public uproarand online petition in Social Media, Veen Malik, a controversial Pakistan-based Indian actress, has been removed from Astaghfar Show, a Ramadan-based program at newly launched Hero TV.Social Media outcry! Veena removed from Hero TV’s Astaghfar show
A highly placed source in Express Media Group, which launched Hero TV, told The News Tribe that it was confirmed that the bold actress had been removed from the program.

Earlier trailers and news that Veena Malik, will do Astaghfaar show on Hero TV channel sparked an outcry across the country.

“Veena not in reality but in performance will repent from her sin whatever and wherever she committed in her life. Isn’t very strange news to know? Has she left showbiz or involved showbiz in the religion?

The controversial queen who not only broke all records of vulgarity while performing nude photo shots for Indian magazine but declared herself as successful actress for her shameful perform in the past.

A height of stupidity planned by Hero TV Channel to hire Veena as host of religious program for achieving cheap popularity and masses towards watching the show however public anger is likely to create as the controversial queen is absolutely misfit for such religious program.

Later an online petition created to be submitted to Pemra for stopping the controversial actress hosting thereligious show.

But its not confirmed, either petition or public outcry is the reason that has caused removal of Veena from the program.