Thursday , November 14 2019

Veena Malik Is back on Hero TV to do “Astaghfar”

Karachi: The newest news in the air is that Veena Malik is back on Hero TV with “Astaghfar” show inRamadan. She is going to host “Astaghfar” show after lot of public outrages.

Earlier trailers and news that Veena Malik will do Astaghfaar show on Hero TV channel sparked an outcry across the country. Due to Veena malik scandals and bold public appearance the show goes off air but once again she is back on public demand.

Veena said, “I am very happy my show ‘Astaghfar’ is going to be on air I thanks ‘Allah’ for giving me such opportunity to host this show. Its people’s love which bring me back on the show.”

Because of people’s demand Hero Tv management decided to bring Veena Malik back on Astaghfar show which is going to be aired once again. The show is getting higher TRP and people are appreciating Veena’s show.