Wednesday , February 26 2020

Veena Mailk to do Astaghfaar Watch on Hero TV

Karachi: You will be amazed to know that Veena Malik, a top controversial artist of Indo-Pak region, will do Astaghfaar show not repent on Hero TV channel. ( Please do not hit your head against the wall or computer screen because we can understand your feelings).Veena Mailk to do Astaghfaar Watch on Hero TV

Veena Malik and religious program, Kya ye khula teezad nahi? But Everything is possible in Love, War andPakistan.

Veena not in reality but in performance will repent from her sin whatever and wherever she committed in her life. Isn’t very strange news to know? Has she left showbiz or involved showbiz in the religion?The religious programs on TV channels are becoming platform of controversial actors and actress who do not know nothing about religion but doing acting on television scree—a totally hypocritical way.

But it is an irony that thousand of viewers watch these sorts of program in reality as if any entertainmentprogram.

So if you watch Veena Malik in Indian show or magazine then it will be a sin or if you watch her in Astagfaar, what do you say you will commit?