Valentine Day Scandal Videos Ice Cream Parlour Karachi CNBC Show

A CNBC brodcast a show shocked every one because that exposed the hidden valentines day scandals being celebrated in Karachi in Ice Cream Parlors, hotels and beauty parlors and salons.Valentine Day Scandal Videos – Ice Cream Parlour Karachi CNBC Show

These ice cream charges Rs. 100 per hour and some hotels/restaurants charges Rs. 600 per hour to give a safe haven to these young couples to enjoy the sexual activities safely. In ice-cream parlor police was also present and doing some immoral activities.


This year, Majority of Pakistanis rejected Valentine Day celebrations. Many protests and rallies were also observed against this day in all over Pakistan. On other hand, many people celebrated this day with their lovers. They met in Ice Cream Parlors, Hotels or Parks to meet each other. A large amount of girls and boys who celebrated this day, were involved in wrong activities.

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