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Umar Akmal Cricketer Mehndi Wedding Waleema Pictures

Umar Akmal Waleema PicturesFamous Pakistani Cricket Team Wicket Keeper and Batsman Umar Akmal Mehndi Wedding Waleema Barat Pictures. Nikkah Ceremony was arranged on 12th April 2014. All family members of Umar Akmal and her wife were present in this ceremony. Former cricketer Abdul Qadir’s daughter Amina has become wife of Umar Akmal. As you know that this is an arrange marriage by both family members. We are sharing some Pictures and Images of Umar Akmal wedding, Waleema, Mehndi which was celebrated last night. Download free pictures of Umar Akmal Wedding pictures.

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Biography of UMAR AKMAL

Umar Akmal is a Pakistani cricketer. He made his ODI debut on 1 August 2009 against Sri Lanka and made his Test debut against New Zealand on 23 November 2009. He is a right-handed batsman and a part-time spinner.

Born Day: May 26, 1990 at Lahore

Height: 1.57 m

Current team: Pakistan national cricket team (#96)

Batting style: Right-handed

Siblings: Kamran Akmal, Adnan Akmal.

Pictures of Umar Akmal Weddings Here