Download Tosha Khana Record Uploaded by Pakistan Govt

The Government of Pakistan has issued the tosha khana record. The Tosha Khana Record uploaded by the Pakistan Government on Sunday 12 March 2023. The  Publication of Tosha Khana Record has been issued after the approval of the Cabinet.

download tosha khana record

Tosha Khana Record Published by Pakistan

Since the the Tosha Khan Case against, Ex Prime Minister Imran Khan, the PTI has registered a case in High court to publish all the Record of Tosha Khana. The Lahore Highcourt has order the Government of Pakistan to  submitt the Complete Record of Tosha Khana in the Court.

The Gifts which were received from foreign delegations and during the visits of foreign countries’ of Prime Minister, President and Ministers, are deposited in the tosha Khana in Pakistan

The Record has been made published from 2002 to uptil now. the Government has received  gifts and these have been received by the different government officers as;

224 Gifts in 2022

116 Gifts in 2021

175 Gifts in 2018

91 gifts in 2014

177 Gifts in 2015


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