Wednesday , November 20 2019

Star Anu Agarwal Has not viewed Her Debut Movie

For ‘Aashiqui’ star anu Agarwal, being within the showbiz wasn’t an agenda in any respect. She ne’er dreamt of being a heroine within the initial place. In fact, it absolutely was Mahesh Bhatt who convinced her to play the feminine lead within the 1992 film, zee News reports.
Anu Agarwal hasn’t watched her debut film

She thought that she would do a film and then forget about it. But that was not going to happen as more work came her way post ‘Aashiqui’ along with negative press for the bold roles she did, industry rumours and unwanted attention from male fans. Fed up with all that, she quickly finished her acting assignments like a true professional and left filmdom for good and left for another country.

But things took a U-turn in her life when in 1999, she met with an accident that left her half-paralysed and down with a memory loss for sometime. She even forgot who she was and how big a star she was back home in Bollywood.

In an interview to an entertainment website, Anu revealed she never even bothered to watch the film that made her a star overnight. However, she is now thinking about watching the movie. “I haven’t seen ‘Aashiqui’ yet. I think I should though, I haven’t done that yet,” she said in the interview.

Anu will be penning down her journey to stardom, life after her accident and her spiritual pursuits in a book, which we think will definitely make an interesting read. Agree? daily times monitor.


Source: dailytimes