Tuesday , December 10 2019

Sana Khan Will Not Use Any Binki in Bigg Boss house

Starlet hopes her upcoming stint in ‘Bigg Boss 6′ might finally give her some amount of publicityStarlet hopes her coming stint in ‘Bigg Boss 6′ might finain conclusion lly give her some amount of publicity

For Sana Khan, her upcoming stint in ‘Bigg Boss’ might finally give her her share of the spotlight. Having appeared in films like ‘Bombay To Goa’ and ‘Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal’ and her infamous underwear ad with a monkey, the model-turned-actress says she is hoping to get some mileage out of Salman Khan’s reality show

However she states that in doing so, she will stick to her traditions and will certainly not sport any ‘offensive’ clothing to attract eyeballs. `I have no connections in the industry. So I think it would be a great platform for me to get good coverage, ` says Sana right before stepping into the Bigg Boss house.

In the past, the show landed in a lot of controversy thanks to the abusive language and volatile behaviour from certain housemates.

However, Sana states that she has no intention of ‘stooping low’ to get publicity on the show. `I believe if you have a good face then you do not have to display the rest of your body in front of the camera.

I may get dolled up since I have to be in front of the camera 24×7. However, I will not parade in a bikini inside the house just for the heck of it. Instead I am going to be a traditional Indian woman on the show, ` she adds.

The only thing that is making Sana apprehensive is her lack of culinary skills. Since the members of the show are expected to work in the kitchen as well, she could be in for some trouble!