Wednesday , November 13 2019

Salman Butt holds Muhammad Amir responsible for spot fixing

Salman Butt holds Muhammad Amir responsible for spot fixingLahore: Former captain of Pakistani cricket team Salman Butt has demanded of the Chief Justice of Pakistan to provide him justice as he was not involved in spot fixing.

Speaking to media on Friday, Butt said that he neither indulged in fixing nor asked anyone to do son, adding that Mazhar Majeed had also contacted him but didn’t responded.

Butt also showed what he said documented record of telephonic conversation of Muhammad Amir and Mazhar Majeed.

He said the ICC announced verdict against him four months before the phone company sent forensic reports of mobile phones.

Replying to a question, he said the cash, which was recovered by the police from his custody, was returned to him as it was his own money.

Butt dismissed Muhammad Amir’s assertions that he had lured him to spot fixing, adding that as to how he could persuade Amir to deliver no-balls when he (Amir) had denied to cut his long hair on his advice.

The tainted cricketer, who has recently been released from a UK jail, said every player did anything on his own.