Thursday , November 14 2019

Sakaaj Latest Women’s Semi Formal Wear Outfits Collection 2012

Sakaaj  colorful tops, tunics, tights,  pajama,trousers long shirts with embroidery Recently Sakaaj has launched Sakaaj Latest Women’s Semi Formal Wear Outfits Collection 2012. SAKAAJ is a Clothing Line for all ages. Sakaaj is a fresh fashion clothing brand by Leena Qureshi and Fariba Jam.

The finest clothing made is a person’s skin, but, of course, society demands something more than this it’s a perquisite, inviting you to the colorful world of Sukaaj. Where you will be delighted to find a wide range of casual s, semi formals, stitched n unstitched. or else just come join us for the celebration. Sakaaj products include Formal, Semi-Formals, Casual, Ready -To-Wear, Un-Stitched Brings you an exclusive collection of shirts for all you young ladies!! Western cuts, great colours, and perfect for your summers.

You can wear these dresses as casual, formal, semi-formal party wear fashion. In this collection new voguish colorful tops, tunics, tights,  pajama, trousers long shirts embroidery on front and back with different styles.Now lets see at Sakaaj Latest Women’s Semi Formal Wear Outfits Collection 2012

All Talents by Phegency : Photography, Makeup, Model, Designer.
Designer: Sakaaj
Model: Sitara
Makeup: Sameera at A- Square
Accessories by: She.One1
Photography: Adil Mufti Photography
Coordination: Pheby Haroon, CEO, Phegency