Wednesday , September 18 2019

Reprogram your Garage Door Opener in case of Failure

How do you reset a garage door after pulling the cord?

Garage Door Operator Programming Guide in Failure

There are different types of transmitters suitable for the most popular brands of door openers, such as Chamberlain, Lift Master and Craftsman. In this article, we will see how to reprogram a garage door opener after a major power outage. I remember few days ago someone asked me about garage door torsion springs and how to replace them, but this post is all about garage door openers. I’ll discuss torsion garage door springs in some other post. Here we are not talking about door openers designed before 1993 because they did not have rolling code technology that allows the transmitter to send different signals each time and thus make any capture of your signal impossible, which ensures you better security.

  • The parts of the opener

Your opener operates using a remote control or joystick that emits a wave (transmitter) to a receiver located in the opener. Through these waves, a signal is sent to the receiver and the door opens. In the event of a breakdown, communication between the two parties is broken and you must reprogram this remote transmitter to allow it to open the door again.

  • The steps to follow

Using a stepladder or ladder, remove the housing used to protect the bulb. Take your remote control with you to reprogram the transmitter. Instructions for your door opener and programming should be displayed. In addition, you should see a green button (or other color, depending on the model) inside the case. Press this button; you should see the light bulb or the indicator light turn on. Press the button on your remote control to restore communication.

A light will flash to tell you that reprogramming has worked. Take the test to make sure everything works by opening your door with your remote transmitter. Before proceeding, make sure that the lock function of the box is not activated, otherwise reprogramming will not work. The lock button is located in the wall panel of the opener.

If you have an external numeric keypad, go down the stepladder to restore communication. The process is the same as for the remote transmitter. You can keep the same access code you had before the outage or change it for security reasons.

If your transmitter is connected to your car, go to your car manufacturer’s website for details on how to reprogram your transmitter. Otherwise, you may have a Home Link system; in this case, here is the link to consult to know what to do in case of breakdown.

You can also take a look at the service guide you were given when selling your garage door opener. Normally, it should contain steps to reprogram your device in the event of a power outage, as well as an emergency troubleshooting guide. If not, you can contact our experts; these will be able to answer your questions about your garage door. Our experts are also able to help you with remote emitters of brands that are not mentioned here.